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Spare parts and accessories for air pumps

What often appears in this menu are the CO2 cartridges. With these small cartridges, you can fill your tyre with air at a top speed. As a rule, a single cartridge is sufficient for a 29 inch tyre, which is then shortly pumped up with 40 psi (2.8 bar). Therefore, the best possibility in order to quickly overcome a breakdown for racing enthusiasts. To be on the safe side, the cartridges should always be chosen to match the CO2 pump, most of them are fitted with a thread, but there are also some around which do not have a thread, such as the threadless SKS Airchamp.
Should your bike pump need a matching spare part, you're in the right place! We also offer you numerous replacement heads and replacement hoses (pump hoses). Same as matching seals, seal rings, pump grease and needle valves for air pumps as well as small helpers, such as air-pressure-gauges (SKS).
Should the small air pump / hand pump be fastened to the bike's frame so that it is always at hand on tours, we offer you different frame holders and/or pump holders for bike frames.

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